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M&M Clinical Services began using Align's practice management services in 2015. Align is professional, responsive, and goes above and beyond to make sure the daily tasks (scheduling, reminder calls, billing, and insurance claims) that take away from client care are completed. I would highly recommend Align to anyone trying to start in private practice that would like to make their main focus client care.

                                                           ~ Mike Treptow, LCSW

M&M Clinical Services

I have worked as an APN for 42 years and have never worked in such a caring environment. The office manager, staff, and other providers are the professionals that I wish I would have worked with in the beginning of my career. They consistently provide a level of care and expertise that exemplifies that they care for my patients as if they are their patients. I am totally content bringing my practice here and have never been happier.  

                                                       ~ Connie L. Parr, APN, CPNP

Connie Cares for Kids ~ ADHD and Learning Disabilities

I love the Autonomy that I have working with Align. At first I did not understand the difference between working at one of their shared office suites vs working with a group practice, but let me tell you, the difference is substantial. The transparency of getting paid directly from my clients and insurance panels makes it so easy to understand where my money is coming and going from. When collecting payments/debts, the staff at Align treats my patients with dignity and respect. In turn, our outstanding debts are minimal.


~ Michele Filecia, LCSW

Why Private Practice? It's the autonomy and flexibility that it provides. Private practice allows a lifestyle that I could not possibly have in a hospital or large group setting. 

Why Align? Although Align allows for total autonomy,  the providers that Align chooses to fill their spaces with,  makes collaborating on cases beneficial to our patients care.  Our patients appreciate that they can get all of their psychiatric services handled in one location.  Also, collections and payments can be burdensome and cause discomfort. Having Align in charge of the receivables prevents this from ever being an issue. 


​It is so nice to know that, while I have my own business, I don't have to worry about all of the details! The team at Align, makes sure that everything runs so smoothly.  From start to finish with intakes, registration, appointment booking, and reminders and all of the insurance filing and billing, I know that everything is taken care of for me and my clients.  At Align, there is even a nice dish of candy in the office and warm drinks to make everyone feel at home. And feeling at home is what it is all about!

~Kathleen LaJeunesse, LCPC

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